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ZYSTEIN, LLC is a research solution company that supports customer needs in research and development in biotechnology and nanotechnology for life sciences applications. ZYSTEIN, LLC is a premier provider for bio-conjugated nanoparticles, theranostic and drug delivery nanoparticles for Life Sciences companies.   We are a unique bio+nano company that supports customer needs in research and development within biotechnology and nanotechnology applications with extensive experience and expertise in nano-enabled biologic materials, topical creams, and ointments.  We offer nano encapsulation of plant extracts, nutrients, essential oils, minerals, vitamins, biomolecules, small molecules, and other molecules that puts us on the leading edge of natural and organic nanoparticles.   Zystein has grown via commercialization and development of in-house IP in Agriculture, Animal Health, Medical, Pharmaceutical , Skin Care, and antimicrobial applications.  


ZYSTEIN can empower your research & development with cutting edge bio+nano materials.  Various research services are offered to customers in the life sciences research. These include:

  • Nanoliposomes for active ingredient encapsulation

  • Natural and organic nanoparticles

  • Protein conjugation to nanoparticles, enzymes, and/or other molecules

  • DNA conjugations to nanoparticles and/or proteins

  • Nanoparticle conjugations to various molecules

  • Nanoparticle and biomolecule depositions on solid surfaces (i.e., glass slides, gold surfaces, chromatographic strips, etc)

  • Evaluations of biocompatibility of nanomaterials and other research materials

  • New assay development and evaluation using absorbance, fluorescence, and electrochemical transduction methods

  • Testing of new products

  • Consulting services


ZYSTEIN benefits greatly from close access to World Class nano facilities at the University of Arkansas (UofA) and the FDA’s Technology Development Center at NCTR (National Center for Toxicological Research). The World Class nano microscopy resources at the UofA alone https://microscopy.uark.edu/instruments/  ensure the quality of nanoparticles that we supply for your needs. 

ZYSTEIN also offers and performs assay development, development of nanoparticles for theranostics applications, and smart drug delivery with the highest research quality for cutting edge technology.  ZYSTEIN offers technology evaluation/testing, new assay development, new product evaluation, and testing of product prototypes with the highest research quality for cutting edge technology.  Our internal R&D at ZYSTEIN, LLC develops new technologies with partners and collaborators worldwide.  


  • To offer high quality research services in biotechnology and nanotechnology that will support clients in bringing  new technologies to market rapidly.

  • To accomplish internal new technology R&D and product development using biotechnology and nanotechnology.


The Company

Zystein, LLC is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was founded in February, 2013. The company offers:

1) Research services

2) Internal R & D

3) Product manufacturing

We are the brain child of Dr. Zoraida P. Aguilar and her experiences.  Dr. Aguilar’s research focus has evolved from water pollution to mutation to waste management, then into microfabrication, microfluidics, and biological assay developments while earning her PhD.   Soon after earning her PhD, she was focused upon Nano-bio-sensors, nanocarriers and nano capsules for vaccine/drug delivery, medical devices, instrument miniaturization, and nanoscale materials.  Dr. Aguilar’s recent life sciences research has focused upon nanomaterials and electrochemistry utilization in medicine, in vitro diagnostics, food, and environmental segments to develop new drug/vaccine delivery, in vitro diagnostics, skin care formulations, environmental monitoring, pet care, home care, water purification-disinfection-monitoring, solar energy, and the construction industry.  She has launched products consisting of plant-based nanomaterials enhanced dermal nutrition skin care products and nanomaterials detection kits.

Dr. Aguilar has co-authored nine (9) patents and patent applications for use in numerous market segments.  This natural evolution utilized the areas of knowledge that she acquired from her BS Chemistry, MS Biochemistry, and PhD in Analytical Chemistry plus two years of Molecular Biology and genetic engineering.  Her rare blend of training created unique problem solving that she utilized as she directed and conducted R&D using innovative technology.  She has been very skilled in developing technology with an eye toward commercialization and a benefit to humanity.   Her unique development of new technologies led to federal funded research that acquired more than $6.5 M dollars during the last 12 years after earning her PhD.

Please review her papers at Click here. 

For consulting and other services, contact us at technical@zystein.com.
References: Nanomaterials for Medical Applications at 



 Existing Products


Zystein offers instruments for use in biotechnology and nanotechnology for the life sciences. The instruments are affordable, user friendly, and provided with at least one year factory warranty. For more informationClick here


Zystein also offers reagents that are necessary for studies that focus on  biotechnology and nanotechnology for the life sciences. These reagents include nanomaterials, antibodies, antigens, enzymes, and buffers that are affordable, sterile and provided with at least one year factory warranty. For more information, click here.

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For all inquiries, send an email to: info@zystein.com

ZIDZY™ Natural Skin Care Products

Zystein has developed the ZIDZY™ Natural Skin Care products. The Zidzy™ Products are nutritional supplements to nourish your skin.

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For all inquiries, send an email to: info@zidzy.com