Zystein's All-natural Health Care  and Skin Care Products are made only of all-natural materials. There products contain meticulously chosen ingredients. 

Natural Health Care Products
The Zystein Natural Health Care products are made only                                                       from all-natural materials. These are health care                                                               supplements that have been carefully chosen and put                                                          together to bring back a healthy  lifestyle. 

Skin Care Products 

The ZIDZY™ Skin Care Products are made only of all-natural materials. These are unique science-based dermal nutrition products that are topically applied to your skin to supply the natural nutrients needed to maintain its healthy youthful appearance. The entire product line is made of essential oils, plant extracts, and algae extracts that supply vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to your skin. These contain hyaluronan, coenzyme Q10, and essential oils that are encapsulated in 50 nanometer                                              nanoliposomes for effective delivery through your skin                                                                  pores. The ZIDZY™  Skin Care Products are formulated                                                                  with plant oils and extracts to supply your skin with a                                                                    healthy diet from the outside. The combination of the ​                                                    various ZIDZY™ Skin Care Products contain the nutrients                                                        that keep your skin moisturized, help prevent the signs of                                                  aging, and maintain a youthful glow.


Pet Care Products

Zystein offers all natural pet care products that are made only of essential oils and plant extracts. These products consists of carefully and meticulously chosen generally regarded as safe substances to support the needs of our furry pets. A combination of  biotechnology and nanotechnology research and development efforts were used to develop the Zystein Pet Care Product line.



Our reagents consist of various kinds of nanoparticles, reagent kits, and buffers that are necessary for the life sciences research applications of nanoparticles. These include:

    Quantum dots:

  • organic solvent soluble
  • water soluble 
  • contains cadmium, Cd
  • ​no cadmium

   Gold nanoparticles: water soluble forms

   Silver nanoparticles: water soluble forms

  Auxiliary reagents: buffers used with the nanoparticles

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Bio and Nano Technology Research Solutions

quantum dots

gold nanoparticles