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Different people have different challenges and health issues in their bodies and in their loved ones. Here below is the testimony of Storm Pascual, a native of Manila, Philippines who is a mother, a wife, a grandmother, and a sister.

One of the most famous Filipino in the world is Freddie Aguilar, who has been cited by Billboard for his great music that has been heard in the sound waves of Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Bahrain, Jedda, Israel, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, the USA, England, Italy, France Singapore, Belgium, just to name a few. He has obliged to give a testimony after he used the ZAPC before his show.

The Zystein Amazing Pain Cream (which is also known as the ODC Amazing Miracle Cream) has created a wave of clients and supporters in different parts of the world. The Zystein Amazing Pain Cream (or ZAPCfor short) is made only of generally regarded as safe (GRAS) components that are essential oils and plant extracts. Under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rules, there is no need to do a clinical trial in order to sell the cream because it is made only of GRAS components and there is no specific claims that any of the components would diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. 

When something like the ZAPC is not made of harmful components, the chance that the product could be harmful is very low,  while the chance of helping ease the health burden of people is high, based on accumulated published studies. 

"I intended to put together all the essential oils and  plant extracts that would help  people who are suffering from pain," states Dr. Zoraida P. Aguilar, who is the inventor of the ZAPC. Dr. Aguilar used her penchant for plant oils and plant extracts along with her expertise in nanotechnology and nutritional biochemistry when she put the components of the ZAPC together and when she formulated it at Zystein.

The ZAPC was released at www.zystein.com and has since received testimonials on Facebook and on messenger. Zaida's dream of helping people ease their pain has come to fruition with the ZAPC as shown by the testimony of those who have used the product as seen below.

And, Brenda Kaminsky herself, our distributor in Canada was the first Canadian to try the ZAPC seriously. This is what she wrote on her FB page.

Some of the distributors also received testimonies from their clients. Among those is Jen A. Rubang,  a sales agent in Edmonton, Canada who received the following testimonies on her FB page.


"Every time my migraine attacks, I could not do anything at work. It is so debilitating, my productivity goes to almost zero and I agonize the entire time because I could not even sleep because of the pain. When I had my attack last month, I applied the Zystein Amazing Pain Cream on my forehead, my nose and the back of my neck. In five minutes, the pain went away and when I got home I sleptvery easily! When I woke up the following morning, I was completely relieved and I felt energized", Mhetz Margallo, Fayetteville, AR, USA

Let us see what other people in different parts of the world have already said about their experiences with the ZAPC for various health conditions.

Testimonials: Zystein Amazing Pain Cream (ZAPC) 

Kay Dixon is a mother, a grandmother, and a loving friend to many. She is a native of Arkansas and loves being in the water and with nature in general.  As with all of us, with age we go through challenges that stop us from doing our favorite hobbies, even just walking. The ZAPC helped her to move around even with her cyst. 

There are more testimonials to upload in the coming days. Meanwhile, order your FREE sample of the Zystein Amazing Pain Cream while supply lasts! Fill up the form below and click the submit button! You can also use this form to submit your testimonial.